Global warming is an initiative cannot be overlooked – rather we enable this challenge as a team for initiative and results. In doing our part, our tractors are certified clean idle motors with a logo on each unit as confirmation of our commitment to the environment. Our assets are ‘aerodynamic-certified’ and house smart-way certified tires along with a continuous scope supporting, “green technology”.

Our fleet follows a strict preventive maintenance (PM) program. Our maintenance team adheres to a strict quarterly PM procedure as well as a government-certified annual safety program. All our trucks are connected to the central maintenance team with troubleshooting/solutions, emails on any issues surrounding our equipment.

Our fleet consists of state-of-the-art trucks only of the year 2016 or newer and only 2015 or newer vented dry-van trailers. We are always committed to upgrade each unit after 5 years of its life to the latest model – this ensures both productivity and quality of service.

All our programs & services have been optimally chosen to be easy on the environment, best for over-the-road safety and minimal downtime for our professional drivers. This allows Day to Day Logistics to be organized, efficiently and timely for our customers.