The most important part of Day To Day’s success is our Team of Professional Drivers and our aim is to provide them with a pay package with which they can drive with a peace of mind. 

Our standard pay package includes:

► EFT Direct deposit every 16th and 1st.
► Paid Waiting time (If any). We have pre-scheduled trips and there is a minimal downtime. We only do dedicated Dry Van Work.
► No Local pickup and drop offs. All full load work and loaded trailers are always in yard and brought back to yard. • Local drivers in Mississauga take care of all delivery and pickup work.
► ELD Compliant Phones are provided or a Phone Sur Charge is provided if you utilize your own phone.
► All trucks equipped with Truck route GPS units.
► All trucks equipped with Scale By Pass transponders.
► All drivers are paid for any Stat holiday at rate of $75 / holiday regardless of work or not that day.


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